September 4, 2019

Public Health
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How Biosafety Level 4 Labs Help Save the World from High-Consequence Pathogens


Stuart Nichol, PhD

Distinguished Consultant for Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
Division of High-Consequence Pathogens and Pathology
National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Victoria Olson, PhD

Branch Chief, Poxvirus and Rabies Branch
Division of High-Consequence Pathogens and Pathology
National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Clubhouse Location:
WHSCAB Plaza & Auditorium
6:00pm — wine, cheese, networking
6:30pm — meeting convenes
7:45pm — casual buffet dinner, more networking


As evidenced by the now daily sightings of school busses in the wild, VDC's summer hiatus is almost over. In fact, in less than one month we will be gathering together to celebrate the opening of the 2019-2020 Vaccine Dinner Club season (Yay!).

So here's your end-of-summer to-do list:

  1. Forward this message to new colleagues / ESI officers / post-docs / students / friends / neighbors / anyone else who moved to our region over the summer and might be interested in the VDC
  2. Think about all those thousands of water bears who probably survived their recent crash landing on the moon.
  3. Consider applying to be a "bacon intern" for Farmer Boys foods. $1,000 for one day's work. Application deadline: 8/20/19.
  4. Review Colin Nissan's 2018 "Tick Check" article in the New Yorker in which he asserts that checking yourself for ticks after going outside may be the only way to see what your body looks like covered in ticks.
  5. Read this CDC fact sheet and then watch this 2 minute video trailer for the movie Outbreak.
  6. Register NOW for the 2019-2020 VDC season opener. (During registration you will be given a chance to provide your guesses about what Hollywood got wrong about BSL behavior in that Outbreak movie trailer).

Dear Current (and Future) Vacciners,
This season the VDC is 21 years old; which means that our Club is finally able to drive, drink, and vote in all 50 states. So let's get together and celebrate over two decades of Hot Food and Cool Science by learning new things about how high containment labs handle bugs which are unusually adept at creating mortality, misery, and mayhem for one and all and for which there is no treatment or vaccine. Good times!!

To prep for that, try this multiple choice test:

2019 is the 50th anniversary of:

  1. Matt #1 or Matt #2
  2. Danny #1 or Danny #2
  3. Woodstock, Altamont, Stonewall, Sesame Street, Chappaquiddick, Abby Road, email, the first moon landing (which did not, by the way, involve water bears), and the CDC's BSL 4 lab.

High Consequence Pathogens:

  1. Belong to the 1% and split their time between the Hamptons, Cabo San Lucas, and Vis, Croatia
  2. Is a gated-community halfway between Elephant Butte and Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
  3. Include highly lethal viral, bacterial, prion, and related infectious and diseases of unknown origin

The Vaccine Dinner Club:

  1. Is a 3,800+ member organization that exists to facilitate networking, dialogue, and collaboration between researchers, clinicians, policy makers, and historian/journalists who are interested in vaccine need, history, policy, discovery, development, testing, deployment, use, and/or evaluation.
  2. Has two missions: To advance the practice of vaccine science by stimulating the intellectual and research productivity of the vaccine research community in the Southeast and to have a really good time at our monthly meetings
  3. Is THE place for inquiring minds to be on the first Wednesday evening (usually) of every month during the academic year
  4. All of the above

Answer key: C, C, D

Which is not only "CDC" – home of our September meeting panelists – spelled sideways, it is also a subliminal prompt urging you to check out an opportunity to exercise the other side of your brain on Friday nights this year by dancing with the Chattahoochee Contra Dancers (CCD) at the Decatur Recreation Center. Neither partner nor previous experience required.

Register Now.

Hope to see you and your guests for Dinner at the Club on September 4th,
- Kimbi Hagen
VDC Director/Goddess