September 6, 2017

Movie about the Greatest vaccine scientist in History
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A Perilous Quest to Save the World's Children


Best Documentary: Scinema 2016

Clubhouse Location:
WHSCAB Plaza & Auditorium
6:00pm — wine, cheese, networking
6:30pm — meeting convenes
7:45pm — casual buffet dinner, more networking

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Dear Vacciners,
On September 6th ...

As you can clearly see, September 6th is an absolutely sterling date in history. So let's get together and celebrate the 2017 version of it with ... Dinner and a Movie!

Specifically, with an award-winning hour long documentary that is a super engaging history lesson about Maurice Hilleman, a person who – through the 40+ vaccines he invented -- has saved, and is still saving, more lives than any other single individual in history.

From the back of the movie box:
"There's a Science to Saving 8 Million Lives a Year…. From his poverty-stricken youth on the plains of Montana, Maurice Hilleman emerged to prevent pandemic flu, invent the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, and develop the first-ever vaccine against human cancer. Responsible for more than half of the vaccines that children receive today, Hilleman's legacy has enabled us to live 30 years longer than we used to."

As NIH/NIAID Director Tony Fauci has said: "It would have been tough on mankind if we didn't have Maurice Hilleman."

You think?

Hope to see you and your guests for dinner and a movie at the Club on Wednesday, September 6th,
-Kimbi Hagen
VDC Director/Goddess