March 7, 2018
VDC Meeting Has Been Postponed Until
May 2nd
Due To Aqua-geddon

Dear Vacciners,
March 7 is an interesting date in history.

3/7/161 AD: Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius dies and is succeeded, for the first time in history, by TWO Co-Emperors. There is no evidence of Russian meddling in the election. Possibly because Russia hasn't been invented yet.

3/7/1530: Henry the VIII's request to divorce Wife #1 (Catherine of Aragon) because she isn't able to produce a male heir is denied by the Pope. Henry reacts in the only possible logical way. He invents a religion that allows divorce, makes himself the head of it, confiscates the lands and money of every Catholic monastery in England to pay for it, and executes people who object. Because, well, duh.

3/7/1876: Alexander Graham Bell receives a patent for the telephone. Which leads to the phone company. Which leads to Ernestine, the Phone Company lady. (Don't have a Hulu account? Here's the transcript).

3/7/1912: Roald Amundsen finds the South Pole. Native nematode population asserts that it was never lost to begin with.

3/7/1930: Twenty four years before the shot clock is invented, players on two Chicago high school teams (Georgetown High and Homer High) battle it out for what turns out to be the lowest scoring game in basketball history; mostly by just standing in place and staring at each other while fans plead desperately with them to THROW THE BALL. Georgetown finally wins 1-0.

3/7/1981: First ever homicide takes place at Disneyland. World is astounded that it was not committed by an employee stuck inside the "It's a Small World After All" exhibit.

3/7/2017: Malta's "Azure Window" collapses into the sea. Microsoft promises to release a patch.

3/7/2018: Vaccine Dinner Club charter member Harriet Robinson jets in from California to present at the 175th meeting of the Vaccine Dinner Club. The crowd goes wild.

Be there or be out of step with history,
your friendly neighborhood Vaccine Dinner Club goddess

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