June 1, 2016

Vaccine Design
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Hit Me With Your Best Shot:
Human in vitro Modeling Coupled with Systems Biology to Inform Age-specific Precision Vaccines


Ofer Levy MD, PhD

Director, Precision Vaccines Program
Division of Infectious Diseases, Boston Children's Hospital
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

Clubhouse Location du jour:
Room 1000, Claudia Nance Rollins Building (1518 Clifton Rd)
6:00 — wine, cheese, and networking
6:30 — cow bell rings, members and guests progress into Room 1000
6:45 — fascinating talk begins
7:30 — spirited Q&A begins
7:45 — adjourn for the summer (NO DINNER PROVIDED THIS MONTH)

Dear Vacciners,

Here is one thing that will never stop changing over the course of your life:
Your nose (unlike the rest of you, it never stops growing, no matter how old you get)

Here is one thing that will NOT change over the course of your life:
Your eyes (You are born with your adult-size eyes; which is why babies look to have such huge peepers)

Here is one thing that SHOULD probably change over the course of your life:
The vaccines you are given.

In this recently released article, Dr. Ofer makes the following statement:

"Vaccines were developed under the assumption that one size fits all. That you develop a vaccine and it will protect the same way whether the patient is young, middle aged or elderly; male or female; living in a city or rural environment; northern or southern hemisphere; whether given day or night; summer or winter. ... It turns out that all of that is wrong."

Intrigued? Come to the last meeting of the 2015-2016 Vaccine Dinner Club and hear more about it!!"

Hope to see you for dinner at the Club NEXT WEDNESDAY
-- Kimbi