February 3, 2016

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Ten Years in the Life of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases:
From Start-up to Senior Moments


Anne Schuchat, MD (RADM, USPHS)

Principal Deputy Director
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Clubhouse Location:
WHSCAB Plaza and Auditorium (1440 Clifton Rd)
6:00 — wine, cheese, and networking
6:30 — cow bell rings, members and guests are challenged to progress downstairs
6:45 — fascinating talk begins
7:30 — spirited Q&A begins
7:45 — the VDC village adjourns for dinner and more networking

Dear Vacciners,
During the winter holidays we were all complaining about out-of-season hay fever problems while it was 70 degrees in Atlanta (and above freezing at the North Pole). A month later we were all afraid to complain because even though it was 18 degrees in Atlanta, we were still getting off pretty darn easy compared to our friends to the North.

So what can we learn from the roller coaster weather?

How about … Nothing is constant except change? … Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it? … It's easier to predict the past than the future? … We have 20" of data demonstrating that Atlanta is more livable than DC?

Yep… good lessons all. And that's with only one month worth of hindsight!

Imagine, if you will, TEN YEARS of hindsight. That is what we are going to get on Wednesday, February 3rd when Dr. Anne Schuchat gives her NCIRD 'Swan Song' lecture* and discusses the view she had from the bridge of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (official motto: "Hey, Hey, Whataya Say? Lets all Vaccinate Today!"); organizational home to a fair goodly chunk of our VDC membership.

Sound interesting? You betcha! Dr. Schuchat is a fabulous speaker, a great singer**, smart as a whip, really funny, and totally clear headed about the past, present, and future of our fight to make the world a better place, one dose at a time.

Hope to see you for dinner at the Club on February 3rd,
-- Your friendly neighborhood VDC director/goddess

*Swan Song: "A person's final performance or professional activity before retiring" (in this case from NCIRD). This past September Dr. Schuchat moved buildings and is now 2nd in command of the whole CDC shooting match. So before new challenges (Zika virus in Brazil, Lead poisoning in Michigan, E.coli at a Chipotle Mexican Grill near you) have even a whisper of a chance of overwriting her memories of the thrills, chills, and adolescent spills that made up life at the then nascent NCIRD, she is coming to present her Swan Song to us.

**According to Greek myth, a swan's last act is to sing. We can hope, but NO PROMISES.