December 6, 2017

Basic Science
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Think Globally, Act Locally:
The Emory Experience in
Developing HIV Vaccines


Rama Amara, PhD

Emory University

Clubhouse Location:
WHSCAB Plaza & Auditorium
6:00pm — wine, cheese, networking
6:30pm — meeting convenes
7:45pm — casual buffet dinner, more networking

Dear Vacciners,
If you read the New York Times article about the Thanksgiving recipes googled in every state, you already know that, just before Thanksgiving last week, people in Georgia were 10x more likely to google recipes for "Key Lime Cake" than people anywhere else in the country.

You'd also know that people in other parts of the country eat some VERY odd (to a Georgian at least) things for Thanksgiving:

Whether or not your Thanksgiving table featured strawberry pretzel salad (Alabama), bacon wrapped dates (Colorado), spanakopita (Connecticut), turducken (Delaware), flan de calabaza (Florida), jook (Hawaii), pumpkin whoopee pie (Maine), twinkie cake (Michigan), deer jerky (Missouri), coquito (New York), cherry yum yum (North Carolina), spinach maria (Tennessee), or tofurkey (one was officially pardoned this year by the mayor of Seattle), you know that local preferences and customs differ from region to region.

And that, in many cases, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

But not always.

Ever since the retrovirus behind AIDS was first identified, Emory University has been at the forefront in envisioning, developing, and testing experimental vaccines for HIV that will be used around the world.

How did that come to pass? How is the effort going? What does the future of AIDS vaccines look like?

Register now and come to the December meeting of the VDC and hear from one of the giants in the global field of HIV vaccine development – our very own VDC member-in-good-standing, Rama Amara.

Hope to see you for dinner at the Club on December 6,