April 6, 2016

Way Cool Vaccine Delivery Technology
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Selfie Shots:
Self-administering Influenza Vaccine Using
a Microneedle Patch

VDC Members-in-Good-Standing

Mark Prausnitz, PhD

Director, Center for Drug Design, Development, and Delivery
Georgia Institute of Technology


Nadine Rouphael, MD

Assistant Professor (Medicine)
Emory School of Medicine

Clubhouse Location:
WHSCAB Plaza and Auditorium (1440 Clifton Rd)
6:00 — wine, cheese, and networking
6:30 — cow bell rings, members and guests are challenged to progress downstairs
6:45 — fascinating talk begins
7:30 — spirited Q&A begins
7:45 — the VDC village adjourns for dinner and more networking

Dear Vacciners,
There are a lot of bizzare (to people who don't suffer from them, that is) yet common phobias out there. These include:

• Trypophobia - the fear of holes
• Alektorophobia -- the fear of chickens
• Lepidopterophobia -- the fear of butterflies
• Anthophobia -- fear of flowers
• Podophobia -- the fear of feet
• Koumpounophobia -- the fear of buttons
• Sidonglobophobia -- the fear of cotton balls
• Omphalophobia -- the fear of belly buttons
• Kinemortophobia -- the fear of zombies

But topping ALL of those is Trypanophobia -- the fear of needles

Roughly 1 in 5 people worldwide have a fear of needles that is debilitating enough to cause them to avoid medical care because simply being in the presence of a needle can lead to everything from feeling creeped out to suffering a disabling sense of impending doom to fainting and convulsions.

So, yeah, needle phobia is real. There is even an ICD-10 medical insurance code for it!

But here's the rub. While it would certainly be annoying to live a life that involved constantly having to arrange things so as to avoid being confronted with a bowl of Cheerios (fear of holes) or a three piece combo meal (fear of chicken), going to the beach (fear of feet, fear of belly buttons), leaving the urban jungle (fear of flowers, butterflies), dating someone who wears Oxford cloth shirts (fear of buttons), or works on Capitol Hill (fear of zombies) ...

... but people with needle phobias run the risk of dying from some pretty bad bugs (not to mention also being the last Echo Boomers -- aka Generation Y -- not to have tattoos). Here is a partial list:

• Cancer (HPV)
• Diptheria
• Hepatitis
• Influenza
• Meningitis
• Pertussis
• Pneumonia
• Tetnus

So wouldn't it just be super cool if some radically smart VDC members could develop an alternative way of giving vaccines that don't make people with needle phobias feel like they are starring in an over the top episode of Fear Factor?

But wait! They did, They did!!

Come to the April meeting of the Vaccine Dinner Club when VDC member in good standing Mark Prausnitz talks about the microneedle vaccine delivery patch that he and his team have developed.

Yeah, the name could use a little work (or at least that is what the marketers are going to tell Dr. Prausnitz when and if it is time for them to figure out how to convince needle phobic people to line up for something with the name "needle" in it) but the "microfuzz" vaccine delivery system (as I prefer to call it) is anything but scary in real life.

OK, Good. Not scary. But does it work? Once again, come to the April meeting and find out for yourself when VDC member in good standing Nadine Rouphael reveals the preliminary results of a clinical trial that is using microneedle (seriously y'all, 'microfuzz' is a MUCH more marketable name) patches to deliver influenza vaccine.

So register now or face the risk of coming down with a severe case of FoMo (fear of missing out), also known as Athazagoraphobia.

Hope to see you for dinner at the Club on April 6th,
-- Your friendly neighborhood Vaccine Dinner Club goddess