Center For AIDS Research
CFAR Grant Number

CFAR Cores

The Emory CFAR provides assistance to HIV investigators through seven NIH-funded Core facilities:

Each Core provides one or more of the following types of research support:

Verbal assistance or feedback in a Core faculty member or staff's area of expertise. For example, helping to develop or critique a research study design.

Activities that Core staff undertake at the request of a Core User. For example, performing an already standardized assay.

Imparting knowledge or a skill to a Core User that s/he may later use on his or her own. For example, teaching someone how to use a piece of equipment, design a study, perform an assay, or do a power analysis

Portable items given or loaned to Core Users. For example, tissue samples, chemicals, labware, and/or documents.

Shared Equipment:
Access to equipment that a Core user may use on his or her own, assuming the presence of proper training and supervision. For example, handheld data collection devices or lab equipment.

Shared Space:
Access to research space that a Core user may use to perform studies. For example, access to space for use in recruiting into or performing clinical or behavioral studies.

Other research support activities not covered above. For example, support for community outreach activities.