Center For AIDS Research

The videos below were taped for presentation during Emory University's Coursera class on AIDS.

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Week 9: Making It Better

Focusing on how individuals, organizations, and societies have and are responding to the pandemic.

On Being a Volunteer
The History of AIDS Activism
Religion as a Social and Activist Force in HIV
Course Conclusion

On Being a Volunteer:
Dr. Kimbi Hagen

Part 1 (3:57)

Part 2 (5:54)

The History of AIDS Activism:
Dr. John Blevins

Part 1 (5:20)

Part 2 (15:36)

Religion as a Social Force in HIV:
Dr. John Blevins

Part 1 (13:58)

Part 2 (9:49)

Course Conclusion:
Dr. Kimbi Hagen