Center For AIDS Research

2018 CFAR National Meeting:
ESI Poster Session

From Bench: Basic Science
To Bedside: Clinical Science
To Our Own Backyard: Social/Behavioral Science


Basic Science

Johns Hopkins CFAR: Kelly Metcalf Pate

Single Housing of Macaques Increases the Immune Impact of SIV Infection

S Guerrero-Martin, K McGee, LH Rubin, SE Queen, E Shirk, M Li, B Bullock, D. Graham, MC Zink, L Gama, RJ Adams, JE Clements, JL Mankowski, KA Metcalf Pate
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Miami CFAR: James Termini

Glycoengineering of AAV Delivered Monoclonal Antibodies with Increased ADCC Activity

James M Termini
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Penn CFAR: Laura Vella

Use of Human Thoracic Duct Lymph to Connect Blood and Lymphoid T Follicular Helper Cells

Laura A. Vella, Marcus Buggert, Sasikanth Manne, Ramin S. Herati, Kaitlin C. O'Boyle, Josephine R. Giles, Irina Bukh, Maxim Itkin, Yoav Dori, Michael R. Betts, E. John Wherry
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Providence/Boston CFAR: Luis Agosto

Identification of novel pathways that regulate HIV transcription using an unbiased functional screen

Luis M. Agosto, Jared Sewell, Kimberly Eberenz, Juan Fuxman Bass, Andrew J. Henderson
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Third Coast CFAR: Judd Hultquist

A Functional Map of HIV Interactions in Primary Human CD4+ T Cells

Judd F. Hultquist, Joseph Hiatt, Michael J. McGregor, Lara Rheinemann, Ryan Leeny, Andrew May, Wes Sundquist, Alexander Marson, & Nevan J. Krogan
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UCLA CFAR: Jocelyn Kim

Dendritic cell-targeted lentiviral vector immunization utilizes pseudotransduction and DNA-mediated STING and cGAS activation

Jocelyn T. Kim, Yarong Liu, Rajan P. Kulkarni, Bingbing Dai, Geoffrey Lovely, Yang Ouyang, Pin Wang, Lili Yang, David Baltimore
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UNC CFAR: Natalia Soriano-Sarabia

γδ T cells as novel immunotherapeutic tools for HIV cure strategies

Carolina Garrido, Matthew Clohosey, Chloe Whitworth, Michael Hudgens, David Margolis and Natalia Soriano-Sarabia
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