Center For AIDS Research

Virology and Molecular Biomarkers Core

The Virology and Molecular Biomarkers Core supports virology studies at all points along the spectrum of HIV/AIDS and SIV research for humans and non-human primates.

The Core's preclinical laboratory is located at Yerkes National Primate Research Center (YNPRC) and provides a broad spectrum of virological and gene expression assays for investigators studying SIV/SHIV infection in nonhuman primates (NHP). The Core's clinical laboratory is located at Woodruff Memorial building and provides HIV viral load quantification and assays related to HIV-associated diseases in humans.

Core Leadership:

Guido Silvestri, MD, PhD: Co-Director - Pre-Clinical Division
Colleen Kraft, MD: Co-Director - Clinical Division
Thomas Vanderford, PhD: Associate Director

Core Contacts:

Thomas "Vandy" Vanderford, PhD
phone: 404.727.7216

Jessica Ingersoll, MS
phone: 404.727.4483

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