Center For AIDS Research

Raymond F. Schinazi, PhD, Hon DSc

Raymond Schinazi

CFAR Investigator

Frances Winship Walters Professor of Pediatrics
Director, Laboratory of Biochemical Pharmacology
Senior Research Career Scientist, and
Director, Scientific Working Group on HIV Reservoirs and Viral Eradication

Phone: 404-728-7711
School: Emory School of Medicine
Department: Pediatrics

Dr. Raymond Schinazi's Laboratory of Biochemical Pharmacology develops approaches to treat infections caused by human immunodeficiency viruses, herpesviruses, HBV, HCV, and Dengue virus. These treatments include antiviral agents as well as synthetic, biochemical, pharmacological, and molecular genetic approaches, including molecular modeling and gene therapy. The laboratory’s primary objective is to preclinically develop in-house compounds to prevent and treat these important pathogens. 

Of particular interest are the phenotypic and genotypic characterization of drug-resistant virus variants, as well as ways to overcome resistant viruses using combinations of antiviral drugs.  Five compounds have gone to advanced clinical studies, and three of those have been approved by the US FDA. His recent research involves modalities to eradicate HIV using a SHIV monkey model and studies on HIV reservoirs such as macrophages.

CFAR Involvement

Research Domains

• Clinical & Translational Science Research Domain
   Opportunistic Infections & Co-infections:
Antiviral Drug Discovery, Antiretroviral Therapy, Molecular/Genetic Approach
   Translational Science:
Clinical Studies of HIV Pathogenesis
• HIV/SIV Pathogenesis
   Virus-Cell Interactions:
Envelope Glycoproteins, Particle Structure, and Virus Entry
   In Vivo Studies in Non-human Primates:
Natural SIV Infection
• Immunology & Vaccine Development
   Fundamental Discoveries

Key Collaborators:

Dr. Luigi Agrofolio
Dr. Susan Allen
Dr. Karen Anderson
Dr. Larry Anderson
Dr. John Buolamwini
Dr. C.K.Chu
Dr. Staffan Eriksson
Dr. Mark Feitelson
Dr. Miguel Ferrero
Dr. Matthias Gotte
Dr. Philippe Halfon
Dr. Mark Hamann
Dr. Eric Hunter
Dr. Seth Kalichman
Dr. Baek Kim
Dr. Brent Korba
Dr. Jeffrey Lenox
Dr. William Lewis
Dr. Dennis Liotta
Dr. Robert Lyons
Dr. Leonid Margolis
Dr. John Mellors
Dr. Thomas North
Dr. Prem Sharma
Dr. Latif Siddiqui
Dr. Ila Singh
Dr. Gregorii Sivets
Dr. Nicolas Sluis-Cremer
Dr. Paul Spearman
Dr. Roshanak Vakili
Dr. Francois Villinger
Dr. Adam Zlotnick


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