Center For AIDS Research

Jessica Sales, PhD


CFAR Investigator

Phone: 404-727-6598
School: Emory University / Rollins School of Public Health
Department: CFAR Behavioral Sciences & Health Education

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Over the past 10 years I have been involved with implementing cross-sectional and prospective studies in childhood stress and trauma, chronic disease risk reduction for children and preadolescents, and HIV/STD prevention for adolescents. My current research projects focus on understanding how psychosocial factors impact adolescents’ HIV/STD-associated sexual behavior and their likelihood of acquiring an STD, examining the role both genetic and environmental factors play in adolescents’ sexual risk-taking, and exploring factors associated with adolescents’ non-responsiveness to HIV/STD intervention.

CFAR Involvement


Research Domains

• Prevention Science and Epidemiology
Distribution and Determinants of HIV:
   Among: Adults, Black Women and Men, Drug Users, MSM,
   Youth in High Risk Settings
Intervention Development and Implementation:
   For: African-American Women, African-American Youth,
   MSM In: X

Key Collaborators: