Cohort III
2019 - 2021

Valeria Cantos | Souhail Malavé-Rivera | John Sauceda | Leah Varga


John Sauceda

John Sauceda, PhD, MSc
University of California, San Francisco

CFAR Mentor:
Mallory Johnson, PhD

Collaborating Partner:
Ronald Brooks, PhD
   (Bienestar Human Services Inc.)

Latino/a Community-level Strategies for Resilience and Engagement in HIV Care

Short-term engagement in HIV care outcomes among Latino/as have improved, but long-term and sustained engagement in HIV care is an ongoing challenge. To solve this challenge, we propose a mixed method study to identify Latino/a community-levels of resilience for sustaining engagement in HIV care.

In a resilience framework, there are discernable strategies (i.e., skills, knowledge, resources, empowerment) that Latino/as learn to use to successfully engage in HIV care. This study builds on an existing partnership with a Latino/a community-based organization and a program of research focused on engagement in HIV care.

   NIH RePORT list of Dr. Sauceda's NIH grants
Not all of which have devolved from his Adelante project