Cohort II
2017 - 2019

Ana María del Río-González | Mariano Kanamori Nishimura
Julie Levison | Claudia Martinez


Mariano Kanamori

Mariano Kanamori Nishimura, PhD
University of Miami

CFAR Mentor:
Steven Safran, PhD
   (Miami CFAR)

Collaborating Partner:
Stephen Fallon, PhD
   (Latinos Salud)

PrEParados: A Social Network Study of Latino MSM for Facilitating Progress in the PrEP Cascade

PrEParados, our proposed CFAR ADELANTE research, will study two social networks (friendship and sexual) of Latino men who have sex with men (LMSM) living in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The research question is: How can PrEP programs harness the potential of social networks and venue-based affiliations to facilitate LMSM's progress in the PrEP cascade?

The training component of PrEParados has four areas: PrEP knowledge, LMSM client-centered and culturally responsive PrEP services; Knowledge about LMSM community service organizations in Miami; and Professional development.

The research component will study two social networks. The Friendship Network will consist of 12 socio-centric networks (groups of LMSM), each comprised of 13 males, 20-39 years old (N=156). The Sexual Network will consist of 156 egocentric networks. Each participant (drawn from the Friendship Network) will identify members from his friendship network with whom he had sex during the past 12 months. In addition, he will provide the initials/fake nicknames of other formal/casual sexual partners (past 12 months) regardless of age, race/ethnicity, gender or country of origin. For each sexual partner, participants will report: race/ethnicity; gender; safe sex practice; PrEP and HIV discussion/disclosure; alcohol/drug use during sex; and where they found each sexual partner.

Our aims are: (1) Identify the individual, social and structural factors of LMSM friendship networks as associated with their PrEP cascade position, and (2) Identify associations between LMSM sexual networks characteristics (e.g., homophily, sexual network size, use of alcohol/drugs during sex) and the probability of PrEP discussion and PrEP use disclosure.

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