Cohort I
2015 - 2017

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Marco Hidalgo | Thespina (Nina) Yamanis


Nina Yaminis

Thespina (Nina) Yamanis, PhD
American University

CFAR Mentor:
Maria Cecilia Zéa, PhD
   (DC CFAR)

Collaborating Partner:
Suyanna Barker, DSc
   (La Clínica del Pueblo)

A Pilot Legal Intervention to Increase HIV Service Use Among Immigrant Latino MSM

The long-term goal of this project is to improve timely HIV diagnosis, linkage to and retention in care for young Latino men who have sex with men (MSM), the group of Latinos at highest risk for HIV.

The two aims are: 1) to examine fear of deportation and its association with health service use among young immigrant Latino MSM (YILMSM); and 2) to assess the feasibility of a structural intervention combining immigrationrelated legal aid with peer navigation/social support to increase use of HIV-related prevention and care services among YILMSM.

Latino immigrants who are undocumented, without legal papers to live in the U.S., experience worse diagnosis and treatment delays, compared to authorized Latinos, Blacks and Whites. Fear of deportation is an everyday stressor that may be linked with testing and treatment delays for YILMSM.

For the first aim, a mixed methods study design will explore the relationship between fear of deportation and HIV-related service use. 20 in-depth interviews with YILMSM will explore the relationship between fear of deportation and service use, and will help develop items to measure fear of deportation. A quantitative survey in Spanish with 100 YILMSM will assess the relationship between fear of deportation, discrimination and health service use.

For the second aim, an innovative structural intervention will be developed and piloted to address fear of deportation through the provision of immigration-related legal aid. In-depth interviews with YILMSM who previously received legal aid will inform the design of the pilot. 30 participants will be provided with legal aid, as well as peer navigation to social and health services and social support.

The intervention will be implemented by La Clínica del Pueblo, a Federally Qualified Health Center for Latinos in Washington, DC. Feasibility of the intervention will be assessed through in-depth interviews with providers and participants, and pre and post surveys with participants. A Community Advisory Board will help guide the protocol and interpretation of the findings.

This project will generate preliminary research for an Rseries NIH application to assess the efficacy of a structural intervention for YILMSM combining legal aid with peer navigation and social support to increase their use of HIV prevention and care services.

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