The CFAR Adelante program is funded by NIH/NIMHD and administered through two NIH-funded Centers for AIDS Research (CFARs): District of Columbia (pre-award) and Emory University (post-award).

Collectively, the DC and Emory CFARs select and provide oversight for three-member Adelante teams who conduct two-year mentored community-based research projects that focus on reducing HIV health disparities among Latinx populations.

CFAR Adelante Teams should be supportive, diverse, and interdisciplinary. Each team consists of:

CFAR Adelante projects are single Principal Investigator (PI) awards, with a team's Scholar serving as PI.

CFAR Adelante awards are funded for a two-year period that includes a Research Preparation Period of approximately 4 months followed by a Research Implementation Period of approximately 20 months.

The 4-month Research Preparation Period is used to secure all needed regulatory approvals (IRB, clinical, international) and implement the Scholar's Mentoring Plan. The Mentoring Plan, which is collectively designed by all three team members, should include training, skill building, mentoring, and education activities that help prepare the Scholar to answer the project's research question in a scientifically rigorous and culturally responsive manner.

The 20-month Research Implementation Period is used by all three team members to engage in study activities, to disseminate project findings through organizations and institutions that work with Latinx populations, and to develop peer-reviewed publications and research applications for further funding through the NIH.