Center For AIDS Research
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Become a CFAR Member


  • Membership in an interactive community of science that is committed to moving HIV/AIDS research forward domestically and globally
  • Priority access to the research support services of the CFAR Cores
  • Membership in Interdisciplinary Research Groups, in line with your research interests
  • A subscription to the weekly CFAR e-newsletter,"The Network News"
  • Poster printing services


  1. CFAR Members:
    Emory faculty at any level who engage in, or are being drawn into, HIV research.
  2. Senior CFAR Members:
    Faculty who have ever appeared on the annual Funded Research Base list provided to the Emory CFAR by the NIH CFAR.
  3. Adjunct Members:
    1) Faculty from other Atlanta-area institutions who collaborate with CFAR members
    2) Emory faculty who have moved to institutions lacking a CFAR.
  4. Associate CFAR Members:
    Post-doc and Research fellows who are actively engaged in HIV /AIDS research.
  5. Affiliated CFAR Members:
    Students, staff, and community members who are involved in AIDS-related research.

If you are interested in joining the CFAR please contact Jenny Anderson.